Thursday, February 4, 2010


Sorry I have commented much on every ones Images. I have been down with the flu :O/
I will be checking out the new posts and commenting this weekend. So some of my January images are going to be posted in February
~~ Sigh~~

This was taken in Henniker NH. 01/23/10 - We had gone out hunting for good photo opportunities and came across this old Iron bridge.

F-stop - 7.1
ISO - 500
Focal length - 70mm
Max app 4.3
exposure time 1/800th sec


Chesney said...

Sorry you have been sick...hope you are feeling better!

I love the strong lines and angles in this bridge...also a great perspective that you shot this at! Nice!

Ms Katy said...

Lots of good lines here! Get better soon!

Rachel said...

Great shot of the bridge - shooting at an angle was a good idea.

mljrbg said...

I hope you are feeling much better. Very nice shot of the bridge. Glad the sun was shining for you. I almost forgot what it looks like!!

top5cats said...

Feel better soon. Love that bridge, I bet there is a lot of history attached.